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Nose Piercing Jewelry

Here you will find information and suppliers of nose piercing jewelry.

Listed here are the suppliers we have found that offer nose piercing jewelry for great prices.

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Nose piercing jewelry is very popular.  But before you have your nose pierced and buy jewelry for it, there is some important information you should know and consider. 

Nose piercing jewelry is heavily specialized and there are specific jewelry items made for this type of piercing. If you’ve got a standard side nostril piercing then make some simple considerations around the purchase of your jewelry before spending your money or having the piercing performed.

There are several options for nostril piercing jewelry and you can decide based on your personal circumstance and taste what you’d prefer to use. Alternatively you can purchase a range and change the style based on what your needs are at any one moment.

The traditional nose ring is a common style seen still today. You can get rings in a vast variety of sizes, colors and materials and the choice should include consideration toward having a high quality metal.  While the nose is less sensitive to infections that may attack other body piercings, the chances are still there particularly in the healing period. During this time it is best to keep your piercing in and avoid changing too often. Keep the area clean and stick to a simple design that is easy to turn in order to seal the tunnel of the hole. A sleeper style ring or basic stud that will turn is ideal in the early days.

Remember that the type of stud required for a nose ring is different to the ear. Usually you’ll find the backing is missing and instead the post has been shaped into a triangle or similar style to keep it lodged firmly in place. This allows it to maintain some level of security and you don’t constantly need to be concerned about it falling out. You can find studs depicting all sorts of images and designs and there are options in size and color to suit absolutely everyone.

If you decide to use gold jewelry then the minimum quality to purchase is 18kt gold. 9kt gold, while a harder metal, can cause tissue damage and cause staining. Other options are titanium, stainless steel and silver although silver can deteriorate when exposed to liquids including body fluids so be careful not to use silver as a long term option.

Being able to change the nose piercing jewelry very quickly and without a lot of technical skill means that the option is a popular one when it comes to beginner piercing. It’s the second most popular type after ear piercing and it popular in all age groups and sexes.

Choosing appropriate jewelry to match your lifestyle is very important and you need to make a decision on whether you’ll be likely to change frequently or rely on one or two main pieces. This will dictate the options available to you in order to get the best out of having your nose pierced. You may also want to consider industrial piercing jewelry as well.

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