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Lip Piercing Jewelry

Looking for lip piercing jewelry

We have researched the Internet and listed here are the suppliers we have found that offer great selections and best prices for lip piercing jewelry.

Take a look at each and we invite you to compare for yourself.

Lip piercing jewelry is generally referred to as a ring or labret depending on the position and style of the piercing itself.


There are a few things you should know when purchasing lip jewelry.

First of all look at the base metal. Is it a high quality, low allergenic option? Keep in mind you need to feel confident about the quality of the metal because it’ll be your mouth that carries it around. Stick to high grade stainless steel or titanium. While gold may be available, the higher the gold content the softer the metal becomes, so it might not last long enough to justify the price.

If you want to change style regularly, opt for a good quality base and then look into cheaper peripherals to change colors and designs. By using a lightweight base you’ll find that the hole isn’t dragged open wider than you’d like and comfort will be greatly improved. Then you can add your choice of fastener into a lip ring, labret or bite piercing.

It’s generally best to avoid any long term use of plated jewelry. The part that is inside your mouth will be constantly exposed to liquid and never dry out, which can lead to plating rubbing off extremely quickly. Whatever your metal of choice, make sure it is a solid version of that metal and not plated.

Learn the terminology for your specific piercing type and then use it to find suitable jewelry. Some body jewelry is not compatible with certain piercing positions or types and the best thing to look for is jewelry for your lip piercing that is labeled as specifically for that version. For example, if you have a labret, while the shape may seem similar do not go and purchase a belly bar for use in your mouth. For one thing the sizes may be completely different, and you could end up causing more damage to your piercing, mouth or teeth.

Be aware of what is inside your mouth. If it’s possible to have plastic fasteners inside the oral cavity then do so. This will go some way in helping to protect your teeth and gums. Many a tooth has been left with cavities due to metal balls from piercings rubbing constantly in the one spot and wearing the tooth down. Research ways to keep your mouth protected and still enjoy a piercing in this area.

Be careful eating with your new lip piercing. Jewelry can be removed and it’s best to do the research and make up your own mind on the processes you follow when eating. Keep in mind that regardless of the position, you do have an extra hole in your mouth and this can cause problems if you’re not careful.

Overall, buying lip piercing jewelry, just like purchasing industrial purchasing jewelry, can be an interesting experience, and if you follow the basics of finding decent products you’ll be able to provide a safe piercing, that is well cared for and that you can enjoy potentially for years.

Two of the best suppliers for lip piercing jewelry we have found with very competitive prices are: Piercing and Great Piercing


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