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Acrylic Body Jewelry

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Acrylic body jewelry is a low-cost alternative to metal varieties and is a newer type of jewelry on the market.


There are a range of suitable piercing sites that are ideal for acrylic jewelry.

Acrylic jewelry is best suited to piercings that have been in place for some time and are completely healed.  It is also best for short term wear and if you are looking into wearing acrylic balls on mouth piercings, changing them regularly is a good idea as they can become porous over time.

With those conditions out of the way, looking for good acrylic jewelry is a fun experience and there are thousands of different designs and colors to choose from. Acrylic body jewelry is perfect for special occasions and can be a great way to add an extra touch to a holiday costume or outfit.

In oral piercings, acrylic can be recommended to help avoid some of the damage associated with metallic options. It can assist in causing less damage to surrounding teeth and tissue, and will not cause the metallic taste that can often be associated with piercings in this area.

One word of warning – do not wear acrylic oral jewelry if you intend to drink alcohol. This will cause the material to crack, not only leading to problems with the piece harboring bacteria but you could also swallow it if it comes loose.

Acrylic attachments to industrial piercing jewelry are a great accessorizing method and you can create almost any style or look by doing this. Using balls shaped as almost anything you can imagine, you can change your look instantly.

The other advantage to acrylic body jewelry is that they make clear retainers in this material. This means if you need to play down the presence of a piercing but do not want the hole to close, you can simply slide in a clear acrylic piece that will be much less obvious than metal and it’ll hold the space open for later.

Wearing acrylic jewelry is pretty easy – keep it clean as you would any other type. It cannot be sterilized as the acrylic will melt under high heat, so keep this in mind and attempt to clean the piece as well as possible with alternative methods and products designed for the healing and cleaning of skin piercings themselves.

Acrylic body jewelry is a fantastic alternative to more traditional pieces if you’re sensitive to some metals it’ll allow you to widen your range instantly. It’s inexpensive and you can even find UV activated pieces that are ideal for wearing out to nightclubs and events that use certain lighting types.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but make sure you’ve healed up properly before you attempt to use this type of body jewelry. Acrylic is a lightweight material and you’ll find it easy to make changes to your wardrobe in minutes.

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